Upheaval initial prototype released

Hello! I've been working on Upheaval for several months now and I'm pleased to finally get my first prototype up onto itch.io. 

Upheaval is inspired by the classic Amiga game of 1990, Conflict. Conflict was a simple game (straightforward diplomatic and military options), yet it was quite intense with the political and military drama that arose. It could also be completed in a lunch break, which made it a nice quick distraction.

Upheaval's initial scenario is an alternative China South Sea Dispute, set a few years from now. However the game is built with the idea of mod support. So that different maps can be used and scenarios, countries, weapon systems, win conditions, can all be configured.

Why a prototype release?

I still have a long way to go. I'm looking for a graphic artist to help improve current placeholder graphics. Looking for  feedback from the community, to improve balancing, fix bugs and any good ideas. Also have a large list of features i'd like to add.

The game is currently free with open donations while it's in development.  Have fun, and I look forward to any comments. 


Nick @ NirisGames 


Upheaval.exe 20 MB
Dec 12, 2018

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