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What have we here?

I'm developing a space station builder, called Deep Space Outpost. I've spent some spare time working on the build mechanics and some systems (power/o2/mining/refining), and at this point any feedback is very useful. Use the feedback topic here:- https://itch.io/t/825907/feedback-suggestions

Still a prototype, where you can just call up a build menu, and create walls, floors and doors.  Build some solar panels and connectors,  power an O2 system and batteries. A refinery has been added so worker bots will now start moving ore to the refinery, which will be turned to metal for further construction. Droid maintenance bay has been added for quicker charging and to build new droids.

Latest v0.0.0.81 update (14/09/2021)

  • New graphics, now just about rid of placeholder (credits updated with art info). 
  • Few bug fixes (left in some debug text when building rooms).
  • Removed some lighting fx, was causing some slowdown.

What next?

Hopefully with some feedback, i can improve what is currently there, and i can move onto prototyping another stage. Next up are:- 

  • Going to look to add damage on items. Droids also don't take damage from meteoroids as yet (or lasers!). 
  • Fuel storage, gives me an idea for some sort of fire problem.  
  • I don't currently have structure destroyed on zero health, but may make that an addition. 
  • With our new resources, some more play testing and balancing needed.
  • More messages & tooltips - Droids don't pick up work if they don't have the battery to reach location, this needs to be shown.  
  • Expand droid maintenance bay -  Allow custom fix priorities and custom jobs. And fix droids if damaged.
  • More power changes - some items should be allowed to work at a reduced rate, if the full amount not available (rather than just going offline). 
  • Adding more turrets - A cannon would consume less power cost, but would need ammo, which we could make.
  • GFX improvements, hopefully more updates coming.

More info on features here:- https://itch.io/t/1029584/additional-features-to-be-added-and-possibilities 

Cheers, Nic


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