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About Deep Space Outpost

Deep Space Outpost is a space station building & survival game, involving resource and base management. Build your space station tile by tile, mine asteroids, refine materials and keep your station operational.


  • Build your own space station tile by tile. Start with a small startup craft and expand to achieve your mission.
  • Gather resources by mining or capturing passing asteroids. Refine into metal, fuel, oxygen and water.
  • Manage your power production and usage. Watch out for solar storms and electrical damage!
  • Defend you station. Build defense turrets to protect you from space threats.
  • Job management - Prioritize worker droids to repair, build, transport or deal with emergencies.

The game is now in Early Access and available for purchase on Steam. Early access now provides a starting scenario (level generation via seed) and start location choice.  You can also download the demo from there if you prefer:


The demo will continue to be updated here, and as previously any feedback is very useful.  I'll be adding the EA version here on Itch as well if people would like, so please let me know if you do.

Latest v0.1.0.38 demo update (08/09/2022)

Just bringing the demo here up to date with the Early Access version. Lots of bug fixes and improvements.

What next? - 

  • Pirates - ship based attacks.
  • Stations built in freeplay can be used in certain scenarios/sandbox mode (within certain limits).
  • Additional scenarios.
  • Droids probably need to take damage from more sources.
  • Mining bots are now the only thing that doesn't take damage, so need to add that.
  • Thinking of adding a scrap resource so when things are destroyed, some resources can be recovered (with maybe a recycling item).
  • With our new resources, some more play testing and balancing needed.
  • More power changes - some items should be allowed to work at a reduced rate, if the full amount not available (rather than just going offline). 
  • Adding more turrets - A cannon would consume less power cost, but would need ammo, which we could make.
  • GFX improvements, hopefully more updates coming.

More info on features here:- https://itch.io/t/1029584/additional-features-to-be-added-and-possibilities 

Cheers, Nic

Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorNiris Games
GenreSimulation, Strategy, Survival
Made withGameMaker: Studio, Paint.net, Krita, Audacity
Tags2D, City Builder, Real time strategy, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Space, Space Sim
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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