A downloadable game for Windows

I'm playing around with a potential space station builder game! 

What have we here?

I'm working on a space station resource management game. I've spent some spare time working on the build mechanics and now some systems (power/o2/mining/refining), and at this point any feedback is very useful. Use the feedback topic here:- https://itch.io/t/825907/feedback-suggestions

Still a minimal prototype, where you can just call up a build menu, and create walls, floors and doors.  Build some solar panels and connectors,  power an O2 system and batteries. A refinery has been added so worker bots will now start moving ore to the refinery, which will be turned to metal for further construction.

Latest v0.0.0.49 update - Droid update part 1 - Worker droids are now powered. That means that they now move to an indoor sport when their battery runs low and plug into the ships power system to recharge. Plenty more to do with droids though, part 2 will feature the droid maintenance bay (quicker charging) and better job selection (see below). Thought it was useful to next this update out though as were a couple of fixes (delete selection was a bit weird and some of the ore/metal storare capacity calculations were off.) 

Note - still all placeholder gfx and sfx assets.

What next?

Hopefully with some feedback, i can improve what is currently there, and i can move onto prototyping another stage. Next up are:- 

  • robot worker improvement - They are pretty dumb, they just move to whatever item is in the build list next. Improve to take into account distance. Perhaps they should move to metal storage and actually move resources to build spot? They should probably also head inside once they've finished building outside the station. 
  • Add a droid maintenance bay - droids probably need charging and maintenance. Could also build new droids, rather than my current testing method of pressing 'P' to spawn as many as you want! 
  • General information improvements - Want to be able to click on droids and see what they are up to, and also add a message board so can see where there are issues (unpowered items, droids that have built themselves into an area they cant get out of, etc.)

Cheers, Nic

Install instructions

Unzip and put the files in a directory and run the DeepSpaceOutpost.exe. As it's just a prototype, didn't think an installer is needed at this point.


DeepSpaceOutpost-v0.0.0.49.zip 10 MB

Development log